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Trade Report about India and Turkey

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Recently there has been significant increase in Turkey’s net exports to India which also resulted in diversification of Turkish export products to this country. Today, main Turkish export items to India are as follows,

Fertilizers, Iron, Steel, Copper and Copper ore, Gold, Poppy seed, products of automotive and textile industry, coal, marble, travertine, chrome.

Considering the production and export structure of Turkey and, developments and consumer behaviors in India, sectors that would be important for our export and prospective products, marketing of which would be given further importance are fresh fruits and vegetables, olive oil, In-shelled fruits, dried fruits, tomato paste, chili pepper, pasta, iron and steel products, all kinds of machine, food processing and packing machines and equipments, plastic products, construction materials, glassware, hardware, marble, travertine, textiles, other handcrafts, carpet and soap (olive oil, laurel, etc. natural products).

On the other hand, Turkey’s main import items from India are as follows,

Oils, factory-made pharmaceuticals, polyester, fibers and other kinds of ropes, cotton, cotton yarn, cotton textile goods, clothing, reactive dyes, phosphoric and polyphosphoric acids, antibiotics, medicine chemicals, motor vehicles, wind energy products, sesame seed, granite, polypropylene and stainless steel rods.

Turkish companies are interested in investing in India has increased recently as well. According to the statistics from both embassies, there are 30 Turkish companies which are active in India and nearly 80 Indian companies are doing business in Turkey.

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